What does Biff mean in Seinfeld?

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What does Biff mean in Seinfeld?

Jerry calls George “Biff” in reference to the character from Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman.” Here’s Wikipedia ‘s description of Biff Loman: Biff Loman: Willy’s elder son.

What is the swirl in Seinfeld?

The swirl – The giver massages the receiver’s clitoris with their tongue in a circular motion. The pinch – The giver pinches the receiver’s clitoris with their lips.

Is Elaine a vegetarian?

Elaine. In “The Stranded” Elaine identifies as a vegetarian, though she does eat fish occasionally. Elaine, though considered more intelligent than the other three characters, is also known to misuse words.

Do we ever see Kramer’s apartment?

Kramer’s apartment appears only a few times throughout the series.

Does the cast of Seinfeld get along?

However, Seinfeld definitely had something going on when the cameras were off — and sometimes even when the cameras were on. The entire cast of Seinfeld didn’t always get along, sometimes to the point of writing characters off the show so that others wouldn’t have to deal with them.

What does Kramer do for money?

Kramer saves money by appropriating items from Jerry, most notably food. Jerry’s apartment is Kramer’s second home; he has his own key to the apartment and rarely bothers to knock.

How much does Seinfeld get paid for reruns?

Syndication, Streaming Rights, & Merchandise To this day, it’s estimated that both Seinfeld and David receive residuals of between US$40 million and US$60 million each year.

How much is Kramer worth?

Michael Richards is an American actor who is best known for his role as Cosmo Kramer on the hit 90’s sitcom “Seinfeld”….

Net Worth: $45 Million
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Last Updated: 2021

How does Kramer make money in Seinfeld?

Through the series illustrious run, Kramer manages to sue a coffee company and a tobacco company. He publishes a coffee table book, invents a bra for men, and sells his life stories to Elaine’s boss. While most of his schemes don’t work out in the long run, they do manage to help him garner a little bit of cash.

What would Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment cost?

Well, Jerry’s building was theoretically located in the upper west side of Manhattan (around 81st). A quick look at Trulia shows that monthly rent for a similar one bedroom and one bathroom apartment varies from around $2500 to $6000, depending on size and niceness.

Why does everyone clap when Kramer walks in?

Larry David demanded that the audience not waste time by applauding, or cheering for people—especially Kramer—when they entered the scene for the first time. This is because Seinfeld had a lot more content than most other sitcoms.

Why was Susan fired from Seinfeld?

On June 3, 2015, Jason Alexander said during an interview on The Howard Stern Show that Swedberg’s character had been killed off due to incompatibility with other stars’ comedic rhythm on the show, and the decision was made to cut Swedberg after Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus acted alongside her.

Who died from Seinfeld?

actor Richard Herd

Why did they replace Jerry’s father on Seinfeld?

Martin replaced Phil Bruns who first portrayed the character in his first appearance in Season 1’s “The Stake Out”. He took on the role upon showrunners Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld deciding they wanted the character of Morty Seinfeld to be harsher, as they thought Bruns was too laid-back for the character.

How much do Seinfeld cast collect in royalties?

When Seinfeld sold to Hulu for $180 million in 2015, Jerry and Larry each earned $27 million. In a given year, they earn $40-50 million from syndication sales and show royalties.

Was Elaine pregnant during Seinfeld?

Now a known “fun fact” to many fans of the long-running ensemble comedy Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was twice pregnant during her time on the show as Elaine Benes. It was during that time that Jerry Seinfeld asked the Emmy Award-winning actor if she wouldn’t mind having Elaine Benes put on a few pounds.

Does Macaulay Culkin get royalties for home alone?

For this simple net, Macaulay Culkin (whose net is worth millions, if you count in the $4.5 million he was paid for Home Alone 2: Lost In New York) paid roughly $30 USD for it.

How much did Macaulay Culkin make from girl?

Macaulay Culkin Salary Per Movie: My Girl (1991): $1 million.

Who Turned Down Home Alone?

Robert De Niro

Do actors get paid every time their movie airs?

When shows are syndicated, redistributed, released on DVD, purchased by a streaming service or otherwise used beyond what the actors were originally paid for, those actors get residual checks called royalties.