What does chuddy Buddy mean?

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What does chuddy Buddy mean?

Chaddi Buddy. This is a slang term frequently used in Northern and Middle India and way “close friends” or “cronies”. The word Chaddi is the Hindi/Urdu phrase for “underwear”. The connotation is that individuals A and B are such excellent buddies that they even share their underwear with each different.

What does Cuddy mean?

Noun. cuddy (plural cuddies) (nautical) A cabin, for the usage of the captain, in the after a part of a sailing send beneath the poop deck. a small cupboard or closet. (Scotland) A donkey, especially one pushed by means of a huckster or greengrocer.

What does Waven mean?

waven. To shake, swing or totter; to transport backward and forward. To go away or off beam; to trip. (figuratively) To be indecisive or unsure; to waver. (uncommon) To wave; to cause to move to and fro.