What does it mean to have a spunky personality?

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What does it mean to have a spunky personality?

The definition of spunky is somebody who has a lot of power or is spirited. An instance of someone spunky is a vigorous teenage woman. YourDictionary definition and usage instance. Copyright © 2018 by means of LoveToKnow Corp.

Is being spunky a excellent factor?

They like to have amusing and reside large. Spunky folks generally tend to be impulsive because they steadily act without considering things through. So, in case you are thought of as spunky, be proud that others see you as any person who’s decided, brave, and outspoken. You might reason a scene, but within the big image, it’s a good factor.

What does spunky mean in America?

informal : filled with spirit, courage, and resolution. See the overall definition for spunky within the English Language Learners Dictionary. spunky.

What is some other phrase for Spunky?

In this web page you’ll be able to discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and similar words for spunky, like: heroic, gutsy, spirited, audacious, intrepid, (colloq.) mettlesome, daring, courageous, courageous, feisty and plucky.