What does S p mean in size?

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What does S p mean in size?

S/P stands for Small/Petite (clothing size)

What is the size of SP?

34 Answers

Unit Description Units Per Physical Inch
mm Millimeters 25.4
pt Points 72
dp Density Independent Pixels ~160
sp Scale Independent Pixels ~160

What size is Ralph Lauren large?

Ralph Lauren Men’s Size Guide

Sizes Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
S 35-37 28-30
M 38-40 31-34
L 42-45 35-38
XL 46-48 40-42

What size is a ten in Ralph Lauren?


Sizes Sizes bust bust
M M Eight 8 37″ ninety four cm
10 10 38″ 96.Five cm
L L 12 12 39.5″ 100.Three cm
14 14 41″ 104.1 cm

Are Ralph Lauren sizes US or UK?

Women’s sweatshirts and t-shirts – size chart Ralph Lauren

Size US 0 6
Size UK 4 10
Bust 83.8 cm 91.4 cm
Waist sixty six cm 73.7 cm

Do polos shrink in the dryer?

They shrink as a result of RL uses 100% cotton, I suggest as an alternative of gadget drying your Polos, lay them flat on a desk for them to air dry now not best will this keep the shirts from shrinking but also keep the color lasting longer.

Can you tumble dry Fred Perry polo?

Our M3600 and G3600 Fred Perry Shirts are made using modern technology and a extra stable cotton piqué, however we’d nonetheless recommend reshaping whilst damp for an additional sharp finish. Somewhat of an obvious one, however steer clear of the tumble dryer. It hates your clothes.

Does Pique shrink?

Polyester/cotton polos are 65% polyester and 35% cotton pique, with moisture-wicking properties and minimum shrinkage of lower than 2%. Wash in heat or cold water; don’t use bleach. Tumble dry. Machine wash chilly with like colours.