What does take a stab at it mean?

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What does take a stab at it mean?

: to try (doing one thing) She took/made a stab at fixing the problem.

Can you take a first stab at it that means?

To take a stab at is outlined as to aim or check out something. An example of take a stab at is when you try to clear up a arduous math drawback that others have been struggling with.

What does take a stab at the hours of darkness that means?

1 : a wager this is in line with very little or no knowledge or proof They don’t in reality know the way a lot the paintings will price. They’re just taking a stab at midnight. 2 : an attempt that is not more likely to succeed It’s a stab in the dark, however we will have to check out anyway.

What is the idiom of with open arms?

If you welcome some motion or change with open hands, you’re very pleased about it. If you welcome a particular person with open arms, you are more than happy about their arrival. They would no doubt welcome the motion with open arms. Many Panamanians welcomed the troops with open hands.

What does it mean to be up in arms?

Angry, rebellious, as in The the city was once up in palms over the state’s plan to permit commercial flights at the air base. This idiom firstly referred to an armed insurrection and was once so used from the past due 1500s.

What is the which means to take center?

: to achieve braveness or self belief : to start to really feel better and extra hopeful Take middle; issues will get better quickly.

What is the that means of got here off with flying colours in idioms?

To go with flying colors approach to be extremely successful, to reach one thing that is tough, to excel. The word could also be occasionally rendered as come through with flying colours or come off with flying colors. The idiom to go with flying colors is taken from a nautical custom.

What is the idioms of extremely spirited?

To be at liberty and upbeat, incessantly due to some success or certain occurrence. Ellen’s been in excessive spirits ever since she found out she got the lead within the school play.

What is the meaning of highly spirited in idioms?

Someone who’s high-spirited could be very vigorous and simply excited.

What’s a Tejano?

1 : a Texan of Hispanic descent —often used prior to another noun. 2 [most certainly quick for conjunto tejano, actually, Texan ensemble] : Tex-Mex common tune that combines parts of European waltzes and polkas, country music, and rock and that often features an accordion.