What does the word Consuela mean?

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What does the word Consuela mean?

consolation, comfort
Name Search. Popularity:29002. Meaning:comfort, comfort. Consuela as a lady’s title is a variant of Consuelo (Latin, Old French), and the which means of Consuela is “consolation, convenience”.

Does Consuela mean maid?

It’s unhealthy sufficient the Urban Dictionary already defines Consuela as “the universal name for a resort maid.” Really!?

How common is the name Consuela?

CONSUELA is ranked as the 5794th most popular given identify in the United States with an estimated inhabitants of one,959. This name is in the 97th percentile, this means that just about 2% of all the first names are more widespread. There are 0.Sixty one folks named CONSUELA for each and every 100,000 Americans.

How do you spell Consuela?

Correct spelling for the English word “Consuela” is [kənsjˈuːlə], [kənsjˈuːlə], [k_ə_n_s_j_ˈuː_l_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What’s the difference between Consuelo and Consuela?

as a reputation for ladies has its root in Spanish, and the which means of Consuela is “consolation, convenience”. Consuela is another type of Consuelo (Spanish).

Is Consuela Mexican?

Voiced via. Consuela is of Hispanic beginning and speaks very broken English. For instance, she broadcasts the word “mister” as “misser” and uses improper sentence construction. She refers to everybody as “Misser” someone or other, without reference to their gender.

What is the Spanish title for Connie?

In addition, Connie is a diminutive of the German and Italian Concetta in the Italian language and a form of the Spanish Concepción in the Italian language.

Is Consuelo a boy or girl name?

Consuelo as a lady’s identify (also used as boy’s identify Consuelo), is pronounced kohn-SWAY-loh. It is of Latin and Old French foundation, and the which means of Consuelo is “comfort, comfort”.

What nationality is the identify Consuelos?

Consuelo Origin and Meaning The identify Consuelo is a woman’s title of Spanish, Latin foundation that means “she who brings comfort”. Consuelo is a chic, highly refined Spanish title that works neatly with Anglo surnames. It used to be continuously on the U.S. reputation listing through 1983, attaining as high as Number 339 in 1930.

What nationality is Consuela?

Consuela is of Hispanic foundation and speaks very damaged English.

Is Consuela a reputation?

a female given identify: from a Latin word meaning “comfort.”

Why is Consuelo a feminine title?

Consuelo is a feminine given identify which means “solace” or “comfort” in Spanish (a connection with Mary, mother of Jesus, Nuestra Señora del Consuelo i.e. Our Lady of Consolation).

Is Consuela a luxurious logo?

We proudly retail Consuela™, a Texas based luxury logo that designs and produces artisan made handbags and equipment with unexpected colors, textures, and patterns the usage of top class fabrics.

Is Consuela in American Dad?

Consuela is part of Paco’s extended family of illegal Mexican immigrants in “American Dream Factory”. When Steve comes to file that Roger has stolen his band, Francine assigns Consuela to “convenience” him, just about smothering him in the process.

What does Connie mean in the Bible?

Hebrew : Craftsman; spear.

Is Connie an Italian name?

It is predominantly utilized in Italian, English, and German. From the quick form of different given names, but now used as an unbiased identify in its own proper. In addition, Connie is a diminutive of the German and Italian Concetta in the Italian language and a form of the Spanish Concepción in the Italian language.

Is Consuelo a boy’s name?

Is Consuela a Mexican name?

In Spanish Baby Names the that means of the name Consuela is: Consolation.

Why is Consuelo a women identify?

Consuelo Origin and Meaning The name Consuelo is a lady’s name of Spanish, Latin starting place meaning “she who brings consolation”. The title is a reference to the Virgin Mary, as Nuestra Senora del Consuelo–our lady of comfort.

Where is Consuela made?

You see it in all the kitchens in Mexico. I in truth used that cloth because it made me so harking back to my Mexican holiday”. Consuela we now have ball fringe.