What happened to the little red stick in Ritz Handi-Snacks?

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What happened to the little red stick in Ritz Handi-Snacks?

The red sticks were removed in order to be more eco-friendly. People tend to throw the sticks away instead of recycling them.

Why did they stop putting the Red Stick in Handi-Snacks?

We want the “red stick” back in the Ritz Handi Snack Cheese and Crackers pack. Ritz’s response on social media: “We’d like to let you know that we are working on becoming eco-friendly. We decided to remove the sticks as people tend to throw them away instead of recycling them.

Did Handi-Snacks change their cheese?

When Kraft began making Handi-Snacks, the cheese changed. The old cheese used to be kind of light w/some bubbly sponginess to it (sounds weird, but it worked); the new cheese is heavy, goopy, and solid. The old cheese wasn’t too pungent; the new cheese tastes strongly of fake cheese and dirty feet.

What happened to Ritz cheese and crackers?

Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches recalled after they were found to be peanut butter instead. (CNN) Ritz Crackers is recalling a limited amount of its Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Family Size products in the US after there was a mix-up with the packaging.

Where did Ritz Crackers get their name?

In 1935, at the height of the Great Depression, Stern had one weekend to come up with a marketing gimmick to compete with Sunshine Biscuits’ most successful cracker. Inspired by the circular label inside his hat, he debuted a blue circle with a four letter word in yellow lettering: Ritz.

When did Ritz cheese and crackers come out?

Ritz Crackers – General Information Ritz Crackers are a brand of snack crackers introduced by Nabisco in 1934 and are currently manufactured by Mondelez International, a spin-off of Kraft Foods.

Why are there no peanut butter crackers?

announced Wednesday it is recommending that consumers not eat its peanut butter crackers because they may be tainted with salmonella. Salmonella bacteria are transmitted to humans by eating contaminated foods. The products affected are Austin- and Keebler-branded: — Peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers.

Are Ritz Bits still made?

RITZ Bits sandwiches with peanut butter or cheddar have not been discontinued. You can feel free to check out our product locator at: to see if you can find some at a location near you.

Do they still make Ritz Bits?