What instrument starts with the letter M?

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What instrument starts with the letter M?

Mandola – A big mandolin this is tuned a 5th beneath an ordinary mandolin. Mandolin – A small Pear-shaped Italian instrument of the lute circle of relatives with fretted neck and from 4 to six pairs of strings. The mandolin has turn into well-liked in American bluegrass song. Mandora – An 18th century European lute.

What is an instrument that starts with O?

oboeWhat are three musical instruments that start with the letter O? The oboe, the ocarina and the organ.

What instrument starts with the letter B?

Some of those come with gaida, gaita, gaita de fole, biniou, union pipes, uilleann pipes, Northumbrian pipes, piob mhor, Scottish smallpipes, dudelsack, zampogna, cornemuse, musette, musette bechonnet, and cabrette.

What musical instrument starts with AZ?

ZitherZither (/ˈzɪðər, ˈzɪθ-/; German: [ˈtsɪtɐ]) is a category of stringed tools.