What is a good 400m time for high school?

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What is a good 400m time for high school?

Being a top 5 percentile CrossFit 400m sprinter (54 seconds) is good enough for a position on a high school JV track team, and that’s it. This reaffirms that running is not emphasized all that much in CrossFit.

What is a good 400m time for a 14 year old?

A “good” time for a 14 year-old male would fall somewhere under 60 seconds (competitive, in the 56–58 second range). A “good” time for a 14 year-old female would fall somewhere under 65 seconds (competitive, in the 61–63 second range).

What is the fastest 400m time for a 15 year old?

43.70 seconds

What is the high school record for the 400 meter dash?


Who holds the 400m world record?

Wayde van Niekerk

Who is the fastest high schooler in the world?

Matthew Boling

Is 11 seconds good for 100m?

Anything under 12 seconds for men in their prime is good, 13 seconds and under being the corresponding measure for women. This is for the average population out there. Under 11 seconds for men and under 12 seconds for women could be considered ‘great’.

Who is the fastest boy alive?

Meet Rudolph Ingram aka “Blaze” the fastest 7-year-old alive! Blaze first went viral when NBA superstar LeBron James posted a video of playing American Football and now he’s back destroying kids on the race track….

How fast can Bolt run a mile?

A mile is 1,609.34 meters, and if Bolt could keep up his Olympic pace — 9.8 seconds per hundred meters on Sunday — he’d be able to cover it in 2 minutes, 37.7 seconds. His world record 100-meter dash stands at 9.58 seconds, or 27.73 miles per hour, which would translate to a 2 minute, 9.8-second mile….

How many high schoolers broke 4 minute mile?

10 boys

Has a woman ran a 4 minute mile?

No woman has yet run a four-minute mile. As of 2019, the women’s world record is held by Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands, with a time of 4:12.33 clocked at the Diamond League meeting in Monaco, in 2019.

Is a 3 minute mile possible?

Common wisdom and scientific knowledge perceived a sub-four-minute mile to be an insurmountable barrier until Sir Roger Bannister set a world record time of 3min 59.4sec in 1954. Since then, a new world record has been set 18 times, the current record of 3:43.13 being clocked in 1999….

How many mph is a 3 minute mile?

Conversion Table

miles per minute to miles per hour
mi/min mph
1 60
2 120
3 180

How many mph is a 6 minute mile?

This calculator convert pace and speed in the unit of mile, and km….2. Convert pace to speed, and speed to pace both mile and km.

min/mile mph min/km
9 min 6.6 5 m 35 s
10 min 6 6 m 12 s

Is a 12 minute mile slow?

A noncompetitive, relatively in-shape runner usually completes one mile in about 9 to 10 minutes, on average. If you’re new to running, you might run one mile in closer to 12 to 15 minutes as you build up endurance. Elite marathon runners average a mile in around 4 to 5 minutes.

Is Running 6 mph fast?

In general, average jogging speed is 4 to 6 mph. It’s faster than walking and slower than running. When you jog, you may need to stop and catch your breath before having a full conversation. If you prefer walking, jogging is a great way to challenge yourself.3 dias atrás

How fast is 7.0 on treadmill?

Treadmill paces with incline calculated

Treadmill Speed (miles per hour) Running pace per mile Treadmill running pace per mile calculated with percent incline
6.7 8:57 6:55
6.8 8:49 6:50
6.9 8:42 6:46
7.0 8:34 6:41

What is a good 4 mile time?

While 6:30 min/mile isn’t blazing by hardcore runners standards, (I’ve done a marathon at a 6:43 pace for example), by most runners standards it’s pretty quick. I googled some 4 mile race results and 6:30 / mile puts you in around the 90% percentile….

Is an 8 minute mile good?

An 8 minute mile is in between an average and good time for age in my opinion. If you want a good time you should aim for 6–7 minute miles. That would considered to be slow . At the age of twelve I could run five miles in just under 25 minutes .

How many mph is a 9 minute mile?

6.7 mph

How fast of a mile is 8 mph?

Popular Road Race Distances

mph 1km 1 mile
7.7 4:51 7:48
7.8 4:47 7:42
7.9 4:43 7:36
8 4:40 7:30

How many mph is a 15 minute mile?

4 mph

How many mph is a 12 minute mile?

The quick way to see how fast you run in km and miles

Kilometers Per Hour Miles Per Hour Minutes Per Mile
8.00kph 4.97mph 12:04
8.10kph 5.03mph 11:55
8.20kph 5.10mph 11:47
8.30kph 5.16mph 11:38

How fast did I walk in mph?

What Is the Average Walking Spe
ed of an Adult? The average walking speed of a human is 3 to 4 miles per hour, or 1 mile every 15 to 20 minutes. How fast you walk can be used as an indicator of overall health.

What pace is 20 mph?

MPH to PACE (min/mile)

mph min/mile 5 mile
3.0 20:00 1:40:00
3.1 19:21 1:36:46
3.2 18:45 1:33:45

How fast is a 7 minute mile?

8 miles per hour

Is a 7 minute mile good for a 14 year old?

Under 6 minutes would be excellent. For girls, the average mile for a 13 year old is around 9-10 minutes Anything under 7 minutes is good and anything under 6 is exceptional. For guys, the average mile time for a 13 year old is around 8–9 minutes. Anything under 6:30 is good and anything under 5:30 is exceptional.

Is running 5K in 23 minutes good?

As you can see, most of the average runners run 5K in a 25 to 35 mins range. Less than 17 mins: These are exceptional runners. Some of the best athletes and regular runners can run 5K in less than 17 mins. Between 20 to 25 mins: This is good timing too, something I struggled a lot to achieve….

Is a 7 minute mile good for a 12 year old?

Any time faster than 8:40 would be considered a good time, since it puts the boy in the top half of his age class. If the boy runs the mile a minute faster, coming in at about seven minutes and 40 seconds, he rises to the 75th percentile.