What is block TMOmail net email?

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What is block TMOmail net email?

Block email: Blocks emails sent to [email protected] from being received as a SMS. Block Instant Messages sent via SMS: Blocks chargeable instant messages sent via SMS. If you select this service, you can’t send or receive instant messages, even if you have a messaging bundle.

What is the T-Mobile Email for texting?

T-Mobile: [email protected] Sprint: [email protected] Verizon: [email protected] or [email protected]

How do I stop spam texts tmobile?

SMS spam

  1. Forward the message to 7726 (which spells “SPAM” on most phone keypads). Please don’t edit the message or add any comments.
  2. We will reply to your message with an SMS confirming we have received it.
  3. We will use this information to help identify the spam operations and take appropriate action.

Does tmobile support SMS messages?

Messaging (SMS/MMS): T-Mobile Aspect | T-Mobile Support. It’s official!

How do I fix unable to send message message blocking is active?

Part 2: How to Fix Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking Is Active

  1. Way 1: Enable the permission for premium SMS.
  2. Way 2: Contacting official support.
  3. Way 3: Check if your phone number is active.
  4. Way 4: Confirm that text messaging services are enabled on your account.
  5. Way 5: Try calling the number in question.

How do I unblock message blocking?

Unblock a conversation

  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Tap Spam & blocked More. Blocked contacts.
  3. Find the contact in the list and tap Remove and then tap Unblock. Otherwise, tap Back .

How do I fix unable to send a message?

  1. How to troubleshoot your Android if text messages won’t send. Here are four ways to troubleshoot your Android.
  2. Restart your phone. Hold the Lock and Volume Down buttons.
  3. Check for updates. Go to your Settings app.
  4. Clear your Messages cache. Tap “CLEAR CACHE.”
  5. Check your SIM card. Adjust your SIM card.

How do I unblock message blocking is active?

This issue of “Message Blocking Is Active” is very annoying when you want to send a message to dear ones but you can’t….3. Enable Premium Access

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Navigate to App Management.
  3. Tap on messaging App.
  4. Click on More icon on the top.
  5. Now Click on special access and then Allow premium access to enable the option.

Why am I getting message blocking is active?

When “message blocking is active” displays when you attempt to send a message on your phone (Android, iPhone & T-Mobile), it means that you have blocked your phone from sending messages to the contact or the recipient has added your phone number to block or blacklist.

How do I unblock message blocking on iPhone?

From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon. Tap Messages > Blocked > Edit. Tap the next to the number or contact you wish to unblock. Tap Unblock.

What does you have been blocked from originating messages?

You have been blocked from originating messages to a number” probably because there are issues with your text messages app, you are blocked, or your information has been added to spam databases.

How do messages appear when blocked on iPhone?

When you block a contact, their texts go nowhere. The person whose number you’ve blocked won’t receive any sign that their message to you was blocked; their text will simply sit there looking as though it were sent and not yet delivered, but in fact, it will be lost to the ether.

What does it say when your blocked on iMessage?

When a blocked number tries to send you a text message, it won’t go through. If they’re on iOS, they might not even see the “delivered” note in their Messages app—though it’s possible they’ll see your chat bubble turn from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS). You’ll see nothing on your end.

Will a blocked iMessage say delivered?

Method 2: Sending Text or iMessage to the iPhone Number to Check for Block. You can also try to check if your number has been blocked by sending the person a message. If the iMessage goes through and shows a “Delivered” message, then you have probably not been blocked.

Does a blocked caller know they are blocked?

How to know if someone blocked your number on Android. If an Android user has blocked you, Lavelle says, “your text messages will go through as usual; they just won’t be delivered to the Android user.” It’s the same as an iPhone, but without the “delivered” notification (or lack thereof) to clue you in.

How do I know if I’m blocked on Kakaotalk?

Open a 1:1 chat with the person you think might have blocked you. 2. Write a message to the person, and wait to see if they read it. If they never read the message, it could be that they have blocked you.

What happens if you block someone on Kakao?

If you block someone in kakaotalk, you are essentially deleting all your kakao messages before and you will not receive any kakao from them. They will not appear on your friend list. They will only appear if some mutual friends invited you and the blocked user into the same group chat.

How do you know if someone blo
cked you on Facebook?

If you enter their name in the search box and they no longer appear, though, that’s a sign that person is blocking you. You can’t send the person messages in Facebook Messenger. If you were previously friends and try to send a message, you will see an error message that says the user is unavailable.

How do I secretly read my KakaoTalk message?

In a nutshell: airplane mode Turn off your data/wifi, read it, exit the app, and then turn data/wifi back on. This allows you to read it without it showing the read notification apparently.

What does red dot mean on KakaoTalk?

The red dot feature indicates which friends have recently updated their KakaoTalk mini-profile: status message, profile photo or cover photo. If you’re interested in seeing what your friend updated, tap their name to take a look. The red dot will disappear after you view your friend’s profile.

Is KakaoTalk a dating app?

While Facebook, Instagram and online dating apps are popular, KakaoTalk, the country’s most popular mobile messenger with some 40 million users, is the prime battlefield of love.

What happens when you uninstall Kakao?

Once you delete your Kakao Account, you can no longer use Kakao services including Kakao Story and Kakao Games. If you have already unregistered from Kakao Talk and Kakao Story, your Kakao Account can also be deleted by clicking the link below.

Does Kakao delete inactive accounts?

When a user has never logged to the service with the account within four years after being temporarily disabled, the separately-kept Kakao Account and personal information shall be destroyed and deleted. Kakao Accounts temporarily disabled and separately kept more than four years shall be thereby deleted.

Can you delete Kakao messages?

Kakao, the operator of South Korea’s most popular mobile messenger KakaoTalk, has officially adopted a new feature that lets users delete sent messages within five minutes of their delivery. To delete a message, users can long-press a given message, click delete and select the “delete from both chatroom” option.

How do I get my old Kakao messages back?

1. Guide to recover KakaoTalk messages with backup

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi or enable mobile data.
  2. Install the application for Android or iOS and launch it.
  3. You’ll see a prompt to confirm your phone number.
  4. Log in to the KakaoTalk account that had the messages you want to get back.