What is equivalent to a 26 mm socket?

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What is equivalent to a 26 mm socket?

SAE to metric wrench and spanner converter chart

Standard SAE US Wrench/Spanner Size (inches) Metric Wrench/Spanner Size (mm)
1 25.40
1 1/16 26.99

What is a 30 mm socket converted to standard?

Wrench Size And Conversion Table

Inches Millimeters Spanner
1.063 27mm 1 1/Sixteen AF; 27mm
1.100 5/16 Wworth; 11/Sixteen BSF
1.125 1 1/Eight AF
1.181 30mm 30mm

What is equivalent to a 23 mm socket?

SAE to Metric Conversion Chart

SAE Metric Inch
7/8″ 0.875
23mm 0.906
29/32″ 0.906
15/16″ 0.938

What is a 24mm socket in standard?

A 24mm socket suits a 24mm metric bolt. It doesn’t fit accurately on any inch-based bolt. It will have compatibility on a 15/16″ bolt however be around 0.2mm too large. So below top torque it’s much more likely to round off the bolt head than the proper software.

What is equivalent to a 35 mm socket?

Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion Chart

Bolt Diameter Metric Standard
32mm 1-1/4″
7/8″ 34mm 1-5/16″
35mm 1-3/8″
1″ 38 mm 1-1/2″

What are the usual socket sizes smallest to biggest?

Metric Socket Sizes Chart

1/4” Drive 3/8” Drive 1/2” Drive
6mm 9mm 12mm
7mm 10mm 13mm
8mm 11mm 14mm
9mm 12mm 15mm

What is a 12mm socket in standard?

12mm. Just in need of 1/2 Inch. 0.47244 Inches.

What is equivalent to a 24 mm socket?

Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion Chart

Bolt Diameter Metric Standard
22mm 7/8″
5/8″ 24mm 15/16″
25mm 1″
3/4″ 29mm 1-1/8″

How do I know my socket measurement?

Drive Hole signifies the dimensions of the pressure hole (also referred to because the “driving force hollow” or “square hollow”), which determines the torque measurement of the motive force device you’ll want. For instance, you’d use a ½-inch force socket with a ½-inch power ratchet. L indicates the whole socket length.

What is a standard socket size?

There are 4 commonplace socket sizes: 1/Four inch (0.6 centimeters), 3/Eight inch (0.9 centimeters), 1/2 inch (1.Three centimeters) and three/Four inch (1.Nine centimeters). In-between sizes are available too, beginning with 1/4 inch (0.6 centimeters) and increasing each and every 16th of an inch (0.16 centimeters).

What is equivalent to a 10mm socket?

The equivalent imperial size of a 10mm socket is a 3/8 socket.

Whats the similar as a 15 mm socket?

15mm = almost 19/32 inch.