What is Ja Exprt com?

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What is Ja Exprt com?

According to Wikipedia, JustAnswer AKA is a web-based expert question and solution website that connects visitors with over 11,990 verified experts in several classes together with clinical, felony, tax mavens, automotive, veterinary, electricians, plumbers, tech toughen, community problems, software & generation and …

Does JustAnswer prescribe medication?

The answer is NO, they can not prescribe medicines on-line. Please Consult a Physician for your State for Medical Advice. Answers equipped thru are for educational and research purposes only.

Is JustAnswer com free?

Our goal is to offer speedy, reasonably priced assist from verified Experts like docs, lawyers, mechanics and more. JustAnswer is no longer free, on the other hand it is still a fraction of the cost of skilled service charges.

Does JustAnswer com charge a rate?

How much does JustAnswer value? JustAnswer fees customers a $Five base price to post a query. Any further charges you incur show up at the web page the place you enter your payment information. You can overview your fees and payments via logging into your JustAnswer account and clicking on “Order History.”

Can I get a prescription for my dog online?

Your veterinarian can give a prescription so you’ll get the medicine from a web based pharmacy.

How can I am getting a prescription on-line?

While you can’t merely order a prescription on-line, you’ll meet with an internet doctor to get medication prescribed on-line. In order to obtain prescription drugs, you will have to first seek advice from a scientific physician. This will also be achieved online by the use of phone or video chat.

How do I am getting a chewy prescription?

Go to Prescriptions for your account and upload your authorization. Email the authorization to [electronic mail protected] Remember to incorporate your order quantity at the side of the prescription!

Do vets fee to jot down a prescription?

If you request a written prescription your vet has to offer one. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons dictate that the vet should rate an inexpensive charge. Prescribing fees in step with drug or a prescription rate could also be applied.

Can I talk to a vet online without cost?

Ask. VetBabble is a free query and solution web page for pet homeowners, caretakers, breeders, veterinarians, and trainers. We want to be certain that everyone has reliable data and assist create a neighborhood and relied on resource for all puppy house owners and pet experts.

Can you buy puppy meds with out vet prescription?

Legitimate pet medication distributors would require a prescription for all non-over-the-counter medicine. The American Heartworm Society recommends that preventative heartworm medicine be prescribed through a veterinarian.

How a lot is simply answer club?

How Much Does JustAnswer Cost? The per month membership charge varies depending on the way you join Just Answer. Some links will take you to a $Five week-long trial prior to charging $50 per month whilst others be offering a $Five week-long trial ahead of charging $74 per 30 days.

Who is JustAnswer Co UK?

About JustAnswer makes speedy, inexpensive professional help available to other folks in every single place. We help them clear up problems and answer questions through connecting them online with medical doctors, legal professionals, vets, mechanics, tech give a boost to and extra.

Is Just resolution a valid web page?

Scam. Their legit site displays a 5-star ranking. They ship you an e mail and whilst you click ‘1 famous person’ it doesn’t help you write a overview but says that you’ll ask your question once more at no cost.