What is oscorp Biocable?

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What is oscorp Biocable?

Biocable Development Unit In Biocable Development, Oscorp Industries provides a number of synthetic strands where Peter Parker receives his webbing in the role of Spider-Man.

Is oscorp Biocable real?

It’s not actually the “Biocable” created by Oscorp in the comic’s, but it’s similar to a wild arachnid’s web. Several scientists have created a synthetic spider silk after years of research. They combined spidroin genes from two different species of spiders to create a hybrid spider silk gene.

What is Spider-Man’s web fluid made of?

Carbon nanotubes are even stronger, with scientists reporting that they can handle 63 GPa or more. (Though according to the 1986 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Spidey’s webs are made of a nylon-like material that can support only a measly 54 kilograms per square millimeter, or 0.5 GPa.)

What is bio cable?

Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is a unique blend of highly solvent vegetable base oils. Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is fortified with Anti-Wear additives as well as non aggressive EP additives to reduce cable stretching and provide extended cable life.

Can Spider-Man actually shoot webs?

OK, so the general rule of thumb when it comes to Spider-Man is that he can’t shoot his own webs. In some stories he can (I’ll discuss this in a moment), but for the most part Spider-Man shoots artificial webs which come from mechanical devices on his wrists. The devices that Spider-Man uses are called web-shooters.

Who is stronger Peter Parker or Miles Morales?

All of these powers, plus Peter Parker’s original power set, are based on the abilities of actual species of spiders, but Miles is both stealthier and more powerful than Peter.

Why did Peter Parker lose his powers?

Peter is shown to have financial trouble, relationship problems, educational struggles, etc and it is all because he is Spider-Man. Because of the stress it brings, he begins to then lose the will to be Spider-Man and question why is he doing what he is doing. This is why he loses his powers.

Why is Spider-Man 4 Cancelled?

But in January 2010, Deadline reported, “Sony Pictures decided today to reboot the Spider-Man franchise after franchise director Sam Raimi pulled out of Spider-Man 4 because he felt he couldn’t make its summer release date and keep the film’s creative integrity.

Why did Peter Parker kiss Gwen?

Peter Parker kissed Gwen Stacy because he was under the influence of Venom. Throughout the whole movie you can tell Peter started to act differently the more he worn the black Spider-Man outfit (Venom). Peter even started to change his hairstyle and wear more black.

Can Spider-Man talk to spiders?

Peter Parker’s spider-based powers didn’t originally come with the ability to talk to Spiders. He did gain spider-sense, the ability to climb and cling onto walls, as well as superhuman strength and durability. But, missing from his powers was the ability to control and communicate with arachnids.

Can Spider-Man beat Superman?

Peter Parker is a genius in his own way, but he would have a tough time thinking of a way to stop the man of steel. Unless Spider-Man has some kryptonite lying around, there is no chance he could beat Superman in a fair fight.

Can a bullet kill Spider-Man?

In the comics, movies, and “in real life”, Spider-Manis not bullet proof. He is, however tough and has faster-than-usual healing. He can take a non lethal GSW and come back and fight a day or so later.

Can Peter Parker get drunk?

Yes, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been drunk in the comics, and it got in the way of his vigilanteing heroing. Peter is at a party and gets drunk, and ends up running off to fight the Hobgoblin. After he almosts gets some innocents hurt, he pretty much swears off drinking.

Can Deadpool get drunk?

Wolverine can get drunk, but not for very long before his healing factor shakes it off, meaning he has to continue drinking almost constantly once he starts. Since Deadpool gets his ability from Logan it should be the same. He absolutely does get drunk.

Can Logan get drunk?

Yes – it’s possible, although very difficult, for Logan to get drunk. Due to his healing factor, alcohol and other intoxicants do not affect Wolverine like they would a normal human. Amounts that would kill a stout drinker from alcohol poisoning barely give him the “buzz” effect that would constitute “drunkenness”.

Can Spider Man beat the Hulk?

Few in the Marvel Universe are strong enough to take down the Hulk, but Spider-Man proved that brute strength isn’t always necessary – the only thing he needed to beat the angry green giant was a solid sense of humor.

Can Spider-Man lift Mjolnir?

As of this moment, the main 616 universe Spider-Man has never been shown lifting Mjolnir thus the answer is unknown. Although nobody can question he does indeed have a heart of gold, he might just be able to lift the hammer.

Who is stronger Spiderman or black panther?

But if you were ready to hand the win to Black Panther that easily then you forgot that Peter Parker is more than just a super-powered teenager. Spider-man is insanely strong compared to T’Challa, who despite being made stronger and faster by the sacred herb is still not quite in Spider-man’s class.

Is Spiderman stronger than Thor?

When it comes to super strength, Spider-Man often ranks fairly low compared to powerhouses like Thor and Hulk. Although Peter Parker’s strength level has fluctuated, most people agree Spidey can lift about 10 tons on a regular basis.

Is the grandmaster stronger tha
n Thanos?

The Grandmaster is powerful, to be sure — as an Elder of the Universe, he’s considerably more powerful than he appears to be — but like his fellow Elder, the Collector, he’s nowhere near in Thanos’ league.

Can Spider-Man beat Wolverine?

13 SPIDER-MAN He does have a pretty good track record in such fights, though, and Wolverine is one of the heroes who lands on that list. In this instance, Spider-Man’s victory is even more impressive because he took on not only Logan, but all the X-Men, including the likes of Colossus and Nightcrawler.

Who can beat Ironman?


Who is stronger Dr Strange or Iron Man?

Strange is obviously more powerful than Iron Man, but Iron Man’s weapons and flight systems are exponentially faster. Tony’s sheer speed advantage allows him to win Rounds 1 and 3.

Can Ironman Beat Galactus?

Yes, he did actually beat Galactus.

Can Ironman kill Batman?

In the world of comic books, Iron Man would almost certainly destroy Batman. But in a world without portable fusion reactors, Tony Stark is limited by real-world power sources, while Batman is only limited by his physical endurance.