What is Pinewatch?

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What is Pinewatch?

Pinewatch is a cottage and bandits’ hideout positioned northeast of Falkreath and west of Helgen. It rests above a secret underground cave. It accommodates two zones: Pinewatch and Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary.

Where is the silver mould in Pinewatch?

The silver mold is in Pinewatch, which is a shack situated in Southern Skyrim. You can in finding it through touring North East of Falkreath. Once you input the house go into the cellar. Press the button next to the bookshelf to open a secret passageway into the bandit’s sanctuary.

Where do I bring the curious silver mould?

Travel to Pinewatch and input the caves from the basement. Make your way to the Bandit’s Sanctuary and take the key from Rigel Strong-Arm. Open the room and take the silver mould. Return the mould to Endon.

What Quest is the curious silver mould for in Skyrim?

Silver Lining

Can you kill the bandits in Brinewater Grotto?

Making your way throughout the Grotto, you are going to come across multiple pairs of Bandits and Highwaymen whom you might be free to kill as you want without end result to the quest.

Who is Endon in Skyrim?

Endon is a Redguard silversmith who lives with his circle of relatives in the town of Markarth, the capital of The Reach. He will develop into a Fence for the Dragonborn after the hunt “Silver Lining” has been completed for the Thieves Guild.

Who is the fence in solitude?

Obtained throughout the Thieves Guild main questline

Fence Required Quest City
Tonilia Taking Care of Business Riften
Mallus Maccius Dampened Spirits Near Whiterun
Gulum-Ei Scoundrel’s Folly Solitude
Enthir Hard Answers Winterhold

How do you get to Pinewatch?

Pinewatch is northeast of Falkreath, about halfway between Falkreath and the Guardian Stones alongside the main road. An easy solution to get to Pinewatch is to head directly west from Helgen. There is a bandit watchtower with a double rock fall lure simply to the south of the house. It is also close to Lakeview Manor.