What is the Cerberus program the 100?

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(*100*) is the Cerberus program the 100?

The Cerberus Project used to be a practice used by the Mountain Men and led by Cage Wallace to turn the Grounders into Reapers. The Reapers would then carry extra Grounders again to Mount Weather in change for the Red drug.

(*100*) is the Cerberus mission?

The Cerberus Project was the codename of the Mountain Men challenge to create subservient squaddies, referred to as Reapers. The mission was led via Cage Wallace, and used to be unknown to many in Mount Weather, except the Guard. The Mountain Men control the Reapers with a top frequency tone that they can not stand.

(*100*) did they inject Lincoln with in the 100?

A wild animal named Lincoln (who escaped with the assist of Indra) is operating out of the fog toward him, about to take him out, until Cage pulls out his kryptonite: a tone generator. Then Cage pulls an injection of the Reaper juice from his pack.

How had been the Reapers created the 100?

The Reapers had been created via the Mountain Men in Mount Weather to seize Grounders. Normal (stronger) Grounders have been captured and injected with the Red drug till they was addicted to it and feared the sound of the alarm factor.

Do Reapers consume people?

Weather, in order that they use the little bit of sober time they’ve to hunt people. But they still have to devour, so they just devour the useless bodies that Mt. Weather drops for them as part of the settlement. They just don’t have the initiative to seek out their own meals.

Why did Lincoln take the red drug the 100?

Lincoln is a just right example of the staff’s qualities: He has survived fight, torture, and struggle. When Lincoln is captured through the Mountain Men, they time and again give him “the red drug” to develop into him into a Reaper—a cannibal who serves the Mountain Men in change for buying more of the drug.

(*100*) is the drug they offer the Reapers?

And then when the Reapers hand off the Grounders and have done their process, they drop to their knees to get injected with some roughly purple chemical. That drug is called Red and it’s insanely addictive. That’s the reward Reapers get for bringing Grounders in.

Do Lincoln and Octavia have a child?

After part a season of questioning, the ultimate season’s 2d episode “The Garden” confirmed what came about to Octavia when she bumped into the Anomaly—a decade-long journey when Diyoza gave start and the pair of warrior girls raised the baby woman, Hope, in relative peace.

Who does Octavia finally end up with?

11 Best: Octavia & Diyoza They may as neatly have. These two meet on reverse ends of a warfare for the planet, but finally end up having to live on, just the two of them and Diyoza’s daughter Hope, on a planet clear of everyone else they know.

Why do Reapers devour humans?

(*100*) was the Red drug the 100?

Does Jaha die in the 100?

In a flashback in the fifth season, Jaha is stabbed throughout Kara Cooper’s try to takeover the hydroponic farm. Jaha dies of blood loss in a while after serving to Wonkru regain keep watch over of the farm.

Why can’t Mountain Men move out of doors?

After the Mountain Men started the use of the bone marrow of the Sky People as a cure for radiation poisoning, the Guards may just go back and forth on the flooring without using hazmat fits.

Who kills cage in the 100?

After escaping irradiated Mount Weather, he used to be killed via Lincoln, who bring to a halt his hand and injected Red, the Reaper drug, into him.

Was there in reality a child with Jaha?

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) had simply resigned himself to his fate when he hears a child crying. Only when he made it to the rocket that might take him to the flooring, the baby disappeared, and a mirage of Jaha’s useless son Wells (Eli Goree) printed that it had all been an phantasm.

How does Bellamy die in the 100?

Bob Morley’s Bellamy Blake used to be shot via the center and killed via longtime co-leader, partner, and absolute best pal Clarke Griffin, a number of episodes earlier than the sequence finale after he had played a quite minor role in the entire season.