What is the closest beach to Lakeland FL?

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What is the closest beach to Lakeland FL?

Beaches close to Lakeland Florida

Beach Name mi. Nearest Town
MAXIMO PARK EAST BEACH Beach get admission to Public 52.71 Saint Petersburg 2.07 miles away from the beach Beach length: 0.698 mi Area: PINELLAS FL Coastal

How some distance is the beach from Lakeland FL?

2 hour drive

How a ways is Clearwater Beach from Lakeland Florida?

53.Sixty nine miles

Is Lakeland Florida ghetto?

Like all cities, it does have it’s ghetto and dangerous parts, but total it has a charming restored downtown constructed round a central park, several beautiful lakes for the public to revel in, many public parks, a few of the nicest I have noticed in Florida.

What is Lakeland FL well-known for?

Lakeland, the biggest town in Polk County, is house to the largest one-site selection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world at Florida Southern College, Circle B Bar Reserve, Detroit Tigers Spring Training, and Safari Wilderness.

Is Lakeland a nice place to are living?

Lakeland is a really perfect the city to grow up in with lots of issues to do in the neighborhood. It is between Orlando and Tampa so it is a just right median for each when touring. The city of Lakeland is a ravishing position to reside, there are lots of native parks that families and local vacationer can consult with.

What is the crime fee in Lakeland Fl?

The Lakeland FL crime charge for 2018 was once 329.33 in step with 100,000 population, a fifteen.78% building up from 2017. The Lakeland FL crime price for 2017 used to be 284.45 in line with 100,000 population, a 10.73% decline from 2016. The Lakeland FL crime charge for 2016 was 318.63 in keeping with 100,000 inhabitants, a 16.51% decline from 2015.

What is there to do in Winter Haven these days?

Below are 15 issues to do in and round Winter Haven, Florida.

  1. Willowbrook Golf Course. Source: Willowbrook Golf Course.
  2. LEGOLAND Florida.
  3. Marshall Hampton Reserve.
  4. Museum of Science and Industry.
  5. Fantasy of Flight.
  6. Polk Theatre.
  7. Lakeland Pigfest.
  8. Busch Gardens Tampa.

How large is Winter Haven FL?

106.1 km²