What is the definition of the name Lonnie?

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What is the definition of the name Lonnie?

The boy’s name Lonnie approach “noble and in a position” or “in a position for struggle” (from Alonzo). And the girl’s name Lonnie has the meanings “lioness” and “the different Aenor”, “merciful”, “God is my mild” and “torch”, “stunning”, “mild”, “bright” and “shining” (from Leonie).

What does Lonnie mean in Hebrew?

♀ Lonnie (girl) The name Lonnie means “oak tree; lion”. Lonnie is an alternate spelling of Loni (Hebrew, Latin): model of Alona (Hebrew) “oak tree” .

Is Lonnie a woman name?

Lonnie as a boy’s name (also used as lady’s name Lonnie), is pronounced LAH-nee. It is of English origin.

What name is Lonny brief for?

An English short form of Alonzo, from the Spanish Alfonso, of Germanic beginning. A composite of adal, “noble”, and funs, “in a position, recommended”.

What’s every other name for Lonnie?

Alonzo (#472 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Lon, Lonnell and Lonny are the well-liked variation paperwork of Lonnie (#1679).

How do you spell the name Lonie?

The girl’s name Lonie is a short shape of the names Leona, Leonie or Apollonia and a form of the Hawaiian name Loni. The boy’s name Lonie is a variant of Lonnie, a brief shape of Alonzo. Besides, Lonie derived from the surname Lonie, which derived from the Irish surname Loony or O’Luanaigh.

Is Lonnie short for Lawrence?

Common Proper Names for Lonnie: Laurence.

Is Lonnie a not unusual name?

Alonzo (#472 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Lon, Lonnell and Lonny are the popular variation forms of Lonnie (#1679). Usage of those paperwork of Lonnie was not unusual in the 1880s (USAGE OF 0.22%) and is now much decrease (USAGE 0.04%, DOWN 82.2%), with versions like Alonzo falling out of type.

What does Lani imply in Hawaii?

Lani in the Hawaiian language means “heaven”, and in some cases, “sky.” The phrase is derived from Proto-Polynesian *raŋi. …

How do you spell Lonnie for a man?

Loni is a form of Alonzo and is most often pronounced like “LON ee”. Loni is a variant spelling of the nickname Lonnie, which is used as a brief form of Alonzo for boys, or as a nickname for names like Alana or Leilani for girls.

Does Lani imply in English?

Lani (heaven), the Hawaiian phrase for ‘heaven’, extensively utilized as a given name. Lani folks of Western Papua.

Does Lani mean heaven?

Lani in the Hawaiian language means “heaven”, and in some circumstances, “sky.” The phrase is derived from Proto-Polynesian *raŋi. Lani is a somewhat commonplace name in the Hawaiian language. Last Queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, had a name including the time period lani.

Is Lani a boy name?

la-ni, lan-i ] The child boy name Lani is extensively utilized as a lady name, with the latter shape being a lot more common. Its pronunciation is LAA-Niy- †. Lani is used chiefly in the English language, and it is derived from Old English and Hawaiian origins.

What does hokulani imply in Hawaiian?

The name Hokulani is essentially a feminine name of Hawaiian foundation that suggests Star In Heaven.