What is the difference between Rotary and Lions clubs?

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What is the difference between Rotary and Lions clubs?

Rotary is the (moderately) older group but each organizations have over one million folks and tens of hundreds of clubs round the international. Rotarians generally meet weekly and our native (in Edmonton) Lions clubs meet each and every 2d week.

What is the husband of a Rotarian called?

In many Rotary clubs all through the global, wives of male members are affectionately known as “Rotary Anns”. This designation used to be never one among disparagement, however rather grew out of a fascinating historical instance.

What does it imply to be a Rotarian?

A Rotarian believes in Rotary and in what Rotary stands for. Rotarians imagine in sharing Rotary with others. Being a Rotarian manner greater than the sum of what a Rotarian believes about Rotary; it means keeping up prime ethical requirements in a single’s industry, one’s occupation, and in a single’s non-public life.

What is the 4 method take a look at for Rotary?

The Four-Way Test. The Four-Way Test of the issues we predict, say or do is a check used by Rotarians world-wide as an ethical code for private and business relationships. The test may also be applied to nearly any aspect of existence. It was once later followed by way of Rotary International, the world federation of Rotary carrier clubs.