What is the difference between variety and assortment?

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What is the difference between variety and assortment?

The major difference between variety and assortment is that variety refers to the choice of different merchandise classes a retailer sells, while assortment is the choice of other items or SKUs in a merchandise class.

What is supposed by way of assortment?

assortment. An assortment is a choice of things that are not the identical. An assortment of sweets might have some which can be full of coconut, caramel, or nuts. Yum. An assortment is a host various things all together whether they’re the identical sort or no longer.

What is variety in retail?

Variety refers to the other classes of products a store sells; it is sometimes called the breath of the merchandise.

What is assortment planning?

Assortment planning defined: Assortment planning in retail is when a shop optimizes visual merchandising, store layout, and product placement for the most conversions. When retailers plan assortment, they’re planning which merchandise to place and where all over that time period.