What is the exact value of CSC 300 degrees?

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What is the exact value of CSC 300 degrees?

Important Angle Summary

θ° θradians csc(θ)
240° 4π/3 -2√3/3
270° 3π/2 -1
300° 5π/3 -2√3/3
315° 7π/4 -√2

How do you to find the secant of 30 degrees?

The exact value of sec(30°) sec ( 30 ° ) is 2√3 . Multiply 2√Three via √3√3 .

What is the value of Sec 60?


What is the exact value of CSC 60?

The exact value of csc(60°) csc ( 60 ° ) is 2√3 .

What is the value of SEC?

For each and every trigonometric serve as, there is always an inverse serve as that works in reverse. These all inverse purposes have the identify as the arc in starting. The inverse title of sec is arcsec. The value of Secant 90 level can’t be calculated and is undefined, i.e. infinity in the trigonometric desk.

What is SEC the inverse of?

The secant is the reciprocal of the cosine. It is the ratio of the hypotenuse to the aspect adjacent to a given perspective in a right triangle.

What is the spinoff of SEC 2x?

We know how to differentiate sec(x) (the solution is sec(x)tan(x)) We know the way to differentiate x2 (the answer is 2x)…Using the chain rule, the by-product of sec^2x is 2.sec^2(x).tan(x)

sec2x ► Derivative of sec2x = 2sec2(x)tan(x)
sec 2 x ► Derivative of sec 2 x = 2sec2(x)tan(x)

What is the exact value of sec 90?

Important Angle Summary

θ° θradians sec(θ)
60° π/3 2
90° π/2 0
120° 2π/3 -2
135° 3π/4 -√2

Is SEC Ninety an actual number?

The value of Secant Ninety degree can’t be calculated and is undefined in the trigonometric desk.

What is the exact value of sec 180?

Important Angle Summary

θ° θradians sec(θ)
120° 2π/3 -2
135° 3π/4 -√2
150° 5π/6 -2√3/3
180° π -1

Why is SEC undefined?

Which of the following trigonometric functions is undefined? Explanation: Secant is the reciprocal of cosine, so the secant of any perspective x for which cos x = 0 will have to be undefined, since it will have a denominator equal to 0. The value of cos (pi/2) is 0, so the secant of (pi)/2 must be undefined.

What angle is Cosecant undefined?


Is sin ever undefined?

Values of Quadrantal Angles The elements at which the values of a function are undefined are technically no longer in the domain of that serve as. Therefore, the area of sine and cosine is all real numbers. The area of cosecant and cotangent is all real numbers except for kΠ, the place k is an integer.

Why is sin 1 undefined?

The image sin(sin-1(2)) is undefined since sin-1(2) cannot be defined. No attitude has a sine value of 2. The different two restrictions to [- /2, /2] and [0, ] are the similar restrictions used in the demonstration above with a purpose to make sine and cosine one-to-one.

What is not a sinusoid?

A non-sinusoidal waveform is one who is no longer a sine wave and is also now not sinusoidal (sine-like). A non-sinusoidal waveform is typically a periodic oscillation however is neither of these. Some examples are triangle waves, rectangle waves, sq. waves, trapezoid waves and saw teeth waves.

What is the minimal number of points required to mark all maximum minimal and zeros?

Answer Expert Verified and 2 zero end-points.

What does sine curve imply?

A sine wave or sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth periodic oscillation. A sine wave is a continual wave. It is named after the function sine, of which it is the graph. It happens ceaselessly in both natural and applied arithmetic, in addition to physics, engineering, sign processing and plenty of other fields.

How is sin calculated?

In a right triangle, the sine of an angle is the length of the reverse aspect divided by the period of the hypotenuse. In any proper triangle, the sine of an perspective x is the period of the opposite side (O) divided via the period of the hypotenuse (H).

What is the period of a function?

The distance between the repetition of any serve as is referred to as the length of the function. For a trigonometric serve as, the length of one whole cycle is referred to as a duration. For any trigonometry graph function, we will be able to take x = 0 as the start line.