What is the meaning of Danke Schoen?

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What is the meaning of Danke Schoen?

thank you very much

Who sang Danke Schoen originally?

Wayne Newton

What language is Danke Shea?

Music, Inc. “Danke Schoen” /ˈdɑːŋkə ʃeɪn/ is a pop song of German origin. Kurt Schwabach wrote the German lyrics. The song gained international fame in 1963 when singer Wayne Newton recorded an American version, with English lyrics by Milt Gabler.

What is the reply to Danke Schoen?

bitte schön

Does Bitte mean you’re welcome?

The German word bitte means so much more than “please” or “you’re welcome.” In some ways, it’s a go-to word like “pardon.”

How do you say thank you in German politely?

The 16 Best Ways to Say Thank You in German

  1. Danke! — The universal “Thank you” in German.
  2. Danke schön! — Thank you kindly!
  3. Danke sehr! – Thank you very much!
  4. Vielen Dank! — Many thanks!
  5. Tausend Dank! — Thousand thanks!
  6. Danke vielmals! – Many thanks!
  7. Vergelt’s Gott! – God will reward you!
  8. (Danke!) Sehr aufmerksam. — (Thank you!) That is very kind of you.

Are Many thanks rude?

5 Answers. Yes, many thanks is perfectly proper, grammatical, standard English. It is appropriate to use wherever “thanks” (as opposed to “thank you”) would be acceptable. As Martha says, many thanks is perfectly idiomatic.

Do Bavarians consider themselves German?

Usually German first and then Bavarian, although today with the irresponsible migration policy of the federal government, many conservative Bavarians will most likely rather prefer to be called “Bayern”. It’s comparable with US Americans flying the Canadian flag from their boats when they arrive in a foreign country.

How do you say thank you politely?

These general thank-you phrases can be used for all personal and professional communications:

  1. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. I appreciate your consideration/guidance/help/time.
  4. I sincerely appreciate ….
  5. My sincere appreciation/gratitude/thanks.
  6. My thanks and appreciation.
  7. Please accept my deepest thanks.

What can I say instead of thanks?

Other ways to say thank you in any occasion

  • I appreciate what you did.
  • Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Thank you for your time today.
  • I value and respect your opinion.
  • I am so thankful for what you did.
  • I wanted to take the time to thank you.
  • I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
  • Your kind words warmed my heart.

What we can say instead of welcome?

Based on who you ask, there are at least 10 ways to say “you’re welcome” in English. In addition to saying my preferred, “It was my pleasure,” you also can say “Not a problem,” “Anytime,” “Don’t mention it,” “you got it,” or “sure,” among others. But, the use of each one is up to you.

What to say instead of thank you for your service?

Here are a few ways to consider doing so.

  • ‘You’re my hero. ‘
  • ‘I have my freedoms because of you. ‘
  • ‘Your service made it possible for all of us to be the country we are today. ‘
  • ‘Thinking of you today.
  • ‘We miss you at home, but we know you’re giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Is it appropriate to thank a veteran on Veterans Day?

Any day is a good day to thank a veteran for his or her service. However, it’s particularly important on November 11, otherwise known as Veterans Day.

Do veterans like being thanked?

But according to a poll commissioned by the Cohen Veterans Network, 49% of veterans don’t actually like to be thanked. The poll results show 49% of vets feel uneasy with the expression, “Thank you for your service.”

What is the best thing to say to a veteran on Veterans Day?

GRATITUDE: With gratitude for your service to America on Veterans Day and always. Thinking of you on Veterans Day, and thanking you for all you did for our country. Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it.

What should you not say to a veteran?

20 Things You Should Never Say to Someone in the Military

  • “How many people have you killed?” Shutterstock.
  • “What kind of action did you see in combat?”
  • “When are you done?”
  • “I’m glad you made it back in one piece.”
  • “How could you leave your family for so long?”
  • “What do you think about what’s going on in the news?”
  • “What’s it really like over there?”
  • “Did anyone you know die?”

Should you say thank you for your service?

Many civilians and veterans alike have good intentions when they say the phrase “thank you for your service.” In most cases, it is highly likely that their intentions are to acknowledge the sacrifice and selfless service that many veterans and service members have made.

Do you wish someone Happy Veterans Day?

Yes, it’s appropriate to say “Happy Veterans Day” to veterans on Veterans Day. It’s not expected but welcomed when the general public says a simple genuine, “Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service.”

Is a veteran someone who is currently serving?

The individual must have “active military, naval or air service” to be considered a veteran for most government purposes. Active service means full-time service in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard.

Is it Veterans Day or Veteran’s Day?

Veterans Day 2021 will be on Thursday, November 11th, 2021. When the Federal holiday and November 11th dates are different, Veterans Day activities may take pla
ce on both days; many activities are often scheduled the weekend leading up to Veterans Day even during years when both dates match.

Does Veterans Day honor active military?

Veterans Day: Honoring All Those Who Served in the Military Veterans Day, a federal holiday which falls on November 11, is designated as a day to honor the 19.6 million men and women who have served in the military.

What happens at 11am every Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans. It is marked by parades and church services and in many places the American flag is hung at half mast. A period of silence lasting two minutes may be held at 11am.

What president changed the name to Veterans Day?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Why do veterans only get one day?

Veterans Give Up Their Lives to Serve the Country, Yet They Only Get One Day of Appreciation. The service that veterans do for the country is celebrated every year on Nov. In the year 1938, congress passed a law that would mark Nov. 11 as Veterans Day, a federal holiday meant to honor military veterans.

What to say to thank a veteran?

There are no words to express how grateful I am to all of our Veterans. Thank you for all you have done! Thank you for the sacrifice you made so that we can enjoy this beautiful thing called “freedom”. Thank you to all who served and continue to serve this amazingly complex country we are all so fortunate to call home.

How old is the tradition of veterans?

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938.

How many US presidents have been veterans?

Serving in the military isn’t a prerequisite for becoming president. Nonetheless, out of the 45 presidents of the United States, 29 had some military experience in their background, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Who was the drunkest president?

Franklin Pierce

What president did not serve in the military?

Did not serve

President Service notes
Woodrow Wilson
Warren G. Harding
Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover Served in a private humanitarian capacity as a civilian in Europe during World War I. He was also involved in the Siege of Tientsin during the Boxer Rebellion as a guide for U.S. Marines.

Is George Washington a 6 star general?

On July 4, 1976, the nation’s bicentennial, George Washington was posthumously promoted to General of the Armies of the United States. When Washington actually served in the army, he was a merely a major general—two stars.