What is the opposite of praise antonym?

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What is the opposite of praise antonym?

praise(v) Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize.

What is a antonym for accomplish?

accomplish. Antonyms: fail of, frustrate, defeat, disconcert, spoil, baffle, mar, spoil. Synonyms: execute, easiest, carry out, fulfil, perform, reach, realize, consummate, reach, finish, entire.

What is the opposite of fulfillment?

Antonyms for achievement misfortune, forfeit, idleness, miscue, failure, negligence, defeat, damage, unfulfillment, forget, loss.

What is a synonym for accolade?

SYNONYMS. tribute, commendation, acclaim, applause, ovation, acclamation, approval, admiration, approbation, testimonial, praise, welcome, flattery, kudos, adulation, homage, compliment, pat on the back, eulogy, encomium, panegyric.

What is the which means of accolades?

1a : a mark of acknowledgment : award received the very best accolade of his profession. b : an expression of praise a movie that has drawn accolades from each fans and critics. 2a : a ceremonial include. b : a rite or salute conferring knighthood.

What is the synonym of adamant?

The phrases rigid and obdurate are commonplace synonyms of adamant. While all 3 words mean “unwilling to vary a predetermined course or purpose,” adamant implies utter immovability in the face of all temptation or entreaty.

What’s a phrase for stand your flooring?

What is every other phrase for stand your ground?

be made up our minds be firm
be resolute persist
display choice be emphatic
make a stand persevere
dangle your floor dangle on

Is adamant a unfavorable word?

The word adamant can bear a damaging or positive connotation. It depends upon the point of view. For example, if I’m adamant to get something achieved in two hours, — from some extent of view is sure — the one who has to do it on the other aspect could also be resentful that I am hard and have the sort of strict cut-off date….

What does it imply if anyone is adamant?

An individual who is adamant about something has formed an opinion or taken a place that is not going to modify because the particular person is decided to stay that opinion or position. If you’re adamant a couple of choice you’ve made, no person can convince you that it was a mistake.

Is Stubborn a negative word?

Stubborn is without a doubt extra destructive. Stubborn is extensively utilized to describe a personality type, which is what Priscilla’s first instance is saying. You may describe anyone as being stubborn, but you wouldn’t say ‘She is an adamant person’. He is a cussed individual….

What is a nice phrase for cussed?

Some commonplace synonyms of stubborn are dogged, mulish, obstinate, and pertinacious.

What is the synonym and antonym of cussed?

stubborn. Synonyms: tough, unbending, unyielding, laborious, obstinate, intractable, obdurate, stiff, harsh, inflexible, headstrong, refractory, heady, contumacious, pig-headed. Antonyms: docile, tractable, manageable, pliant, pliable, malleable, flexible.

What is the announcing like a bull at a gate?

Phrase. like a bull at a gate. (idiomatic) charging into some task with out a lot idea, taking action impulsively.

What does the time period stiff necked mean?

haughty, stubborn

What does stiff necked imply biblically?

God Himself gave us the label of a stiff necked people, in the 32nd chapter of Exodus. The meaning since then has involved antagonism, stubbornness, argumentative, and going into minute element so as to distinguish our point of view from others….

How do u spell neck?

Correct spelling for the English word “neck” is [nˈɛk], [nˈɛk], [n_ˈɛ_k] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling phrases for NECK

  1. NEIS,
  2. nec,
  3. Neace,
  4. information,
  5. NEZ,
  6. Neece,
  7. ness,
  8. NEES,

What does Kneck imply?

running out

What is another phrase for neck?

Neck Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is some other phrase for neck?

nape cervix
scrag collar

Is neck a not unusual noun?

neck used as a noun: the phase of body connecting the head and the trunk present in people and some animals. the phase of a shirt, get dressed etc., which goes an individual’s neck. the tapered section of a bottle toward the opening.

What is the noun of neck?

noun. /nɛk/ enlarge symbol. [countable] the phase of the body between the head and the shoulders He tied a shawl around his neck. I awoke with a stiff neck.

What is the which means of Nick?

verb. English Language Learners Definition of nick (Entry 2 of 2) : to cut or harm a small phase of the floor of (something) : to put a nick in (one thing) : to make a small cut on (somebody) : to catch and arrest (anyone)