What is Web Guard feature?

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What is Web Guard feature?

Web Guard means that you can filter out content if you find yourself using your most well-liked browser. Mobile Security for Android makes use of an area Virtual Private Network (VPN) in your software with almost no have an effect on to the community pace. Web Guard is the new name of Mobile Security’s Safe Surfing feature.

How do I flip off Web restrictions?

Android app

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the highest proper, faucet More .
  3. Select Settings. General.
  4. Turn Restricted mode on or off.

How do I remove content material clear out?

How Do I Remove Content Filtering?

  1. Log into network configuration utility and click on on the major settings.
  2. Select “blocked websites” or similar label.
  3. Click on the clear out you wish to have to remove and make a selection “delete” or “disable”.
  4. Click “Apply”.
  5. Log out of the configuration.

How do I get my boost PIN quantity?

What if I overlook my account PIN? You could have your account PIN sent for your Boost Mobile phone by the use of a text message when the usage of the automated phone system. You will listen a affirmation message that claims, “You will receive a loose textual content message shortly with the account PIN that we’ve got on document for you.”

What is the default SIM PIN for Boost Mobile?

The default PIN number for your Boost SIM card is the remaining 4 digits of your PUK. (It is now not 0000 or 1234.) You will need to download your PIN and/or PUK at once from Customer Service; it is no longer equipped in any literature out of your Boost starter package.

How do I release my SIM card for Boost Mobile?

How can I unlock my software? Eligible customers can request a domestic SIM liberate and/or request the related MSL Code by contacting Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-BOOST-4U FREE .

Why is my telephone requesting PUK code?

If your SIM card is protected by a PIN code and this code has been entered incorrectly a couple of occasions, the SIM card might be blocked. You will require a PUK code to unlock the SIM card once more. You can request this code from T-Mobile Customer Service.

Where do I am getting PUK code for my telephone?

1. Get the PUK code from the SIM card packaging

  1. The PUK code is printed on the plastic card maintaining the SIM.
  2. The PUK code may well be hidden under a scratchable space.
  3. Scratch off the area to show the PUK code.
  4. Sign in to get the PUK code.
  5. Give your cell provider a decision to invite for your PUK code.

What is PUK code for instantly communicate?

The “Enter PUK code” message implies that the SIM card is blocked. Please name our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (2355) in order that a consultant can help you with unlocking the SIM card.

What is the SIM community liberate PIN for immediately talk?

You can be directed to a listing of interactive tutorials that are explicit for your handset. Once there, click the “Settings” instructional, then choose Lock/Unlock Phone for instructions to free up your telephone. NOTE: For most telephones, the default security code is 0000 or the remaining Four digits of your Straight Talk phone number.