What kind of person is Miss Stephanie Crawford?

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What kind of person is Miss Stephanie Crawford?

As Scout develops right into a morally upright person, she positive aspects perspective and is ready to understand Miss Stephanie as an uninformed gossip who merely enjoys being the middle of attention. Miss Stephanie Crawford is an older woman, 60-ish, who hasn’t ever been married and likes to gossip.

What kind of person is Miss Maudie?

Witty, genuine, worrying, perceptive, unbiased, unselfish, strong, and fair, Miss Maudie Atkinson is an “upstanding citizen” in Maycomb. She takes care of her yard, embellishing it with pretty flora; she bakes sweets for her young neighbors.

How does Miss Stephanie describe Boo Radley?

Miss Stephanie Crawford delivers most of the gossip regarding Boo Radley. She is the person who describes seeing Boo out of doors her window within the heart of the evening. According to Jem, she said Boo’s head “was like a skull lookin’ at her.”

Which description highest explains Miss Maudie?

Which description absolute best explains Miss Maudie? She is no longer a food washin’ Baptist and loves to garden. She known as Atticus an n-word lover. Atticus mentioned that if Jem hadn’t fallen into Mr.

What does Miss Maudie say when her house burns down?

Miss Maudie didn’t appear to disenchanted about her area burning down because she mentioned, “Grieving, child. Why, I hated that previous cow barn. Thought of settin’ fire to it a hundred instances myself, with the exception of they’d lock me up.

Why was once Miss Maudie area on fire?

Miss Maudie was making an attempt to stay her plants from freezing because of the chilly climate and left the range on. A kitchen flue is a kind of exhaust gadget that ventilates the kitchen area. Miss Maudie believes that the kitchen flue was once almost certainly clogged which allowed the smoke to amass and brought about the fireplace to unfold.

Who says things are all the time higher within the morning?

Harper Lee

What has happened to Jem that he says it like being a caterpillar?

Jem describes his early life as being a caterpillar in a cocoon as a result of he all the time even though the electorate of Maycomb were excellent other people, and the trial made him really feel differently. Jem’s comparison of his youth to a caterpillar in a cocoon demonstrates that he is growing up.