Where do you buy clothes in Fable 2?

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Where do you buy clothes in Fable 2?

In Fable II, there are clothing shops and clothes stalls, as an example:

  • Bit of Skirt and Pants! in Bowerstone Market.
  • Fiendish Fashions in Bloodstone.
  • Clothing stalls are found in Westcliff, Bowerstone Old Town and Oakfield.

Can you get armor in Fable 2?


In Fable II, the armour characteristic provide in Fable and Fable TLC has been abolished, and in its position is clothes that only impact your appearance and beauty. As for cover, toughness in the strength category has taken over.

What is the best sword in Fable?

Sword Of Aeons

What occurs when you kill whisper in fable?

MORALITY: Obviously, if you make a decision to kill Whisper, you will receive Evil Points, whereas sparing her will internet you Good Points.

Can you marry whisper in fable?

And you can’t marry Whisper.

Should you kill Twinblade in fable?

No, if you come to a decision to kill him you just get rushed by his bandits (in a few waves, fortuitously) and get a fair few points towards evil (120, if I take into account accurately).

How do you now not kill Twinblade?

Eventually Twinblade will raise his fingers prime in the air and strike the bottom. You will have to avoid this attack by way of rolling; you will find that he’s going to be caught in the ground, desperately trying to pull his guns out. Use this opportunity to roll or use Assassin Rush to get at the back of him and assault his again time and again.

What happens if you spare Twinblade?

If you didn’t kill Twinblade, you are jeered through the Bandits while exiting out of the camp. During the struggle, you can’t kill the Bandits as a result of they assault you first, giving you no likelihood to counter-attack. If you spare Twinblade, you can attack the Bandits and Twinblade received’t assault you.

How do you find Lady GREY in fable?

Head to Bowerstone North and communicate to Lady Grey (she is near the doorway to Bowerstone Manor). During this quest, you are tasked to deliver Lady Grey a Black Rose, owning a space and finding her necklace. To find the necklace, talk to the people in Bowerstone North.

Where is the GREY area in fable?

The Grey House is a location in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It is a huge house that belongs to Lady Elvira Grey, who is the only recognized residing member of the Grey family….The Loop (Games)

Location Information
Exits Barrow Fields

Should I grow to be mayor of bowerstone?

Accepted Answer. There is de facto NO get advantages to being Mayor of Bowerstone. All you get is one relatively lame cut-scene and that’s it. You do not get to marry Lady Grey later either in fact, and you do no longer even get a identify of Mayor at the menu display.

How do I get into bowerstone Manor?

Bowerstone Manor is owned through the mayor of Bowerstone, Lady Grey. It will also be acquired via marrying her by completing quite a lot of duties, together with defeating the Hero Thunder. Inside the manor, there’s a 15 key chest that incorporates the Katana Hiryu and a silver key when the bed is searched.

Where do I am getting a lantern in fable?

The lamp is received from the Guildmaster after completion of Guild Training. It is out there from the items panel and can’t be bought. It is a important merchandise to open the Heroes’ Guild Demon Door, casting fire spells won’t paintings.

What does the elixir of lifestyles do in Fable?

The Loop (Games) The Elixir of Life is an extraordinary potion in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary that permanently increases your most health.

How do you flash the lamp in fable?

Just pass to your stock, then pieces, then different, then take the lamp out on the strong close to the gray area. Press F2/3 (sorry i’ve forgotten, lol, but try F2 first) a couple (3/4/5) of times and there should be a sceen where a ghost comes out of the house then just observe her.