Where is the VIN number located on a Club Car golf cart?

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Where is the VIN number located on a Club Car golf cart?

Since 1981 Club Car® Golf Carts have located their serial numbers just below the glove field on the passengers facet of the automobile. The serial number of each automobile is published on a bar code decal. The two letters at the starting of the serial number “A” point out the car type.

How long is a VIN number on a golf cart?

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit code that the Department of Transportation or DOT creates to trace road-ready cars.

How do you learn a club car VIN number?

Non-LSV Club Car vehicles don’t have VIN numbers. Instead, serial numbers are used. The serial number of each car is printed on a bar code sticky label mounted both beneath the passenger aspect cup holder or above the accelerator or brake pedal (Example: PH0901-123456, as proven, or F9901123456).

Do electric golf carts have VIN numbers?

When scheduling carrier or ordering portions for your golf cart it is crucial to understand and find the serial number (VIN). Each cart has its personal distinctive serial number identical to a car and via realizing what this number is you are able to determine what type, year, and gear supply your cart has.

Does a golf cart have a name?

Golf carts would not have titles like automobiles, so a serial number is the first thing you should take a look at for if you want to buy a golf cart from a person.

Do club cars have VIN?

Do golf carts have a VIN?

Is my club car a DS or a precedent?

If the first 3 digits of the serial number are “A00”, you personal a 2000 Club Car DS. If the first four digits of the serial number are “PG09”, you personal a 2009 Club Car Precedent.

How do I to find the fashion of my golf cart?

  1. Find your serial number. It can be underneath the sprint on the passenger facet.
  2. Find your fashion code. The style code might be the first two letters of the serial number.
  3. Find your yr code. The year code might be the third and fourth character of the serial number.
  4. Match your type code to the charts beneath to find your cart.

How do I do know what club car I’ve?

Every club car has a serial number that will tell you the make and style of the car….Find Your Club Car’s Serial Number

  1. Beneath the driving force’s seat, on the car’s body.
  2. On the passenger facet glove box.
  3. Inside the passenger facet glove box.

What does DS mean on Club Car?

Club Car DS golf carts made in the years 1982 – 2000.5 will look like the golf cart pictured above. Two separate seat backs. Uses a rubber covered pipe as seat armrests.

Where is the serial number on a club car golf cart?

1981-Present: Since 1981, Club Car golf cart serial numbers are just below the passenger’s aspect glove field. Serial numbers are published on barcode decals. The first two letters of the serial number indicate the vehicle style; see the chart underneath to spot your golf cart model.

How are you able to inform if a car is a club car?

Some Club Cars® shall be missing their serial number plate. If this is the case, look at the brake and accelerator pedals. If it has two brake pedals and one accelerator pedal, then you definitely understand it is a 1975-1980 model.

Where is the serial number on a DS club car?

For all DS, Carryall & LSV Models from 1982-PRESENT: The serial number of your Club Car is revealed on a bar code decal fastened on the frame directly above the accelerator pedal. More Models Coming Soon!

What do the four digits on a car serial number imply?

The following four digits (2) point out the model year and production week all the way through which the car was once built. The six digits (3) following the hyphen constitute the unique sequential number assigned to each and every vehicle constructed inside a given fashion year.