Where to find banana locations in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1

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The new Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 is upon us, and it brings in numerous new locations in all places the map to discover and pieces that have been shifted around. Knowing where to find issues at the map is a precious ability for competitive play, but also to whole the challenges that shall be available all the way through the season. If you’re in want of a few bananas, then we’ll let you know how to get them!

While bananas would possibly pack somewhat a bit of of potassium in actual lifestyles, you’re going to be in need of these for some quick health and to complete demanding situations in Fortnite. You will recuperate 5 health for each banana you eat. You can eat these very fast, so that they make for an effective way to most sensible off your HP!

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Chapter 3 Banana Locations

To find bananas in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1, you’ll need to search for Food Crates that spawn in all places the map. Bananas not spawn as ground loot near palm trees, however will only come out of crates. Each time you open a Food Crate, you are going to have a random likelihood to get a banana.

Food Crates are small green boxes with brown tops which can be usually discovered within buildings, but can in reality be discovered any place at the map. To find them in probably the most concentrated spaces, you will need to head to either the Condo Canyon or Sleepy Sound locations at the map.

Condo Canyon will also be discovered on the southeastern portion of the map. It is a fairly large little the town like spawn where you’re going to find moderately a few Food Crates. You will need to stay your focal point to the southern portion of the area, due to having probably the most possible spawns. Credit to for the maps used in this submit.

As for Sleepy Sound, this space is located all the means north at the map. It’s damaged up into two spaces, but I would head to the southwestern portion as a result of there is a small marketplace and there’s quite a few Food Crates that spawn in the development. Otherwise, you’ll head north where each and every of the homes/buildings must have the possibility of getting a Food Crate spawn where you’ll be able to find some bananas.


That’s the whole lot you want to find out about finding bananas in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1! You can find more coverage of the sport in the Fortnite segment of our website.