Where to find Chimchar in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Completing your PokeDex is among the main goals for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While this is the theory of maximum Pokemon video games, Arceus in reality makes a speciality of it. The exploration of the various spaces of the map are one of the vital most exciting and interesting facets of the sport. While maximum Pokemon are easy to catch, some can be a bit more difficult to find and can elude capture. If you are on the lookout for Chimchar to add to your collection, we’ll display you where you’ll be able to find it in this information!

Finding Chimchar

To locate Chimchar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you are going to either want to go to Deertrack Path/Heights or Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Chimchar can be found at both of those locations in small quantities.

While this may well be general accident, I found that Chimchar turns out to spawn way more continuously at night time. Nothing in the PokeDex suggests that that is the case, but when I examined day vs. night, I way more incessantly discovered Chimchar in the overdue evening hours.

The map beneath displays the realm of where Chimchar spawns. The stars mark precise locations where I found the Pokemon, so the ones must be patrolled maximum incessantly. It’s imaginable that it spawns in other spots, but those are showed places.

If you seek the area listed at the map and don’t see a Chimchar, you will have to head to a camp and shuttle to Jubilife Village. Once you arrive at the village, right away journey again to the Heights Camp commute location and seek the region for Chimchar. Keep repeating this process until one spawns!

Chimchar is skittish, so you’ll want to sneak up on it when you try to catch it. Battling is not the best option except you assault it unaware. Entice the Pokemon with a berry of a few type, sneak in the back of it, and throw an Ultra Ball to add it to your collection. Feeding it’s going to lend a hand entire probably the most objectives in your Research Tasks for Chimchar, so it’s value throwing it some food!

Once you’ve stuck a Chimchar, you’ll be able to try waiting for the site to change the Pokemon with a brand new spawn. It’s imaginable you get another Chimchar, however it sort of feels simply as most probably you’ll get one thing else. It’s normally just higher to repeat going again to the village to change the Pokemon in the region.

You should now have sufficient data to locate your self a Chimchar! You will find numerous different great content at the game in the Pokemon Arceus section of our site.