Where to find Dusk Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) are now to be had for the Nintendo Switch, and with their release comes a lot of fascinating challenges and questions for avid gamers. While the video games are rather straight-forward, one of the vital new mechanics and fun facets of them generally is a bit tough! If you are looking for the Dusk Stone in this set of video games, we’ll show you how to get them as a way to evolve some Pokemon!

Dusk Stone Location in BDSP

To get a Dusk Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) you will both need to head to Veilstone City or the Victory Road cave to find them as floor loot. You too can use the Pokemon Pachirisu, which will have the Pickup ability, and will now and again scouse borrow them from other Pokemon.

Dusk Stone is an evolution item that can be used on the following Pokemon to evolve them:

  • Murkrow -> Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus -> Mismagius
  • Lampent -> Chandelure
  • Doublade -> Aegislash

Pachirisu Method

One approach that you can use to get a Dusk Stone is to catch a Pachirisu on the Valley Windworks house of the sport. You will need person who has the Pickup ability, which does the following:

The Pokemon would possibly pick up the object an opposing Pokemon used all over a fight. It may select up items out of doors of fight, too.

Once you get one, lift the Parchirisu’s stage to 11 (required to get a chance at probably the most evolution stones) after which combat running shoes. Make sure to take a look at the Pokemon after each and every fight to see if it has got an merchandise. If it has one, make sure to take away it so it could possibly take hold of another one in the next fight. Keep this up until you’ve got the Dusk Stone you are trying to get!

A couple of guidelines for this is that you’ll use a Budew that has the Worry Seed transfer on it whilst you stumble upon a Pachirisu to show what skill is on it. This manner you don’t have to waste time catching a Pachirisu that doesn’t have Pickup.

If you in point of fact need to accumulate up some items, you should believe getting more than one Pachirisu and having them in your birthday party so you have a couple of possibilities to get what you wish to have.

This manner will also seize such things as Shiny Stones and Dawn Stones, so you can evolve additional Pokemon if you wish to have.

Later Levels

If you’re already lovely a ways in the sport and don’t want to trouble the usage of a Pachirisu then you’ll find them as flooring pieces that you’ll be able to select up your self. You will need to have no less than 7 badges or be in the post-game content material to get these ones.

The first one will also be found in Veilstone City and within the Galactic Warehouse. Make sure to head over to the Galactic HQ where you are going to find a Galactic Grunt. Talk to them and they will give you the Storage Key. Afterwards, cross into the warehouse and use the Storage Key to open up the doors, which is able to open up a room with a Dusk Stone within it.

Another Dusk Stone will also be obtained by heading to the Pokemon League go back and forth level. You will want to have the National Dex, or you gained’t be able to get this one. Once you arrive on the speedy go back and forth location cross down the waterfall, and head to the best into the Victory Road cave.

Once within the cave, cross down and achieve the area where you can Rock Climb. Make your way down the wall, move left, and then instantly up the trail. You will have to run under the bridge after which pass left around the NPC, after which go down after them to pass up the steps. Cross the bridge, practice the path, and then cross through the cave door.

Go down the stairs to the right then move up and take a proper down those stairs and into the next cave door.

Use the Defog HM in this room to clear up the fog in this room. Go up and push the rock out of the best way with Strength. Continue up previous the two NPCs and you will find extra rocks to transfer with Strength. Go to the right of each and every rock and transfer it to the left to clear every one out of the best way so you’ll be able to proceed north.

Keep going up and you’ll find more rocks that you’ll be able to transfer. Push the primary one up two times after which as soon as to the fitting. There’s now yet one more rock to move which is the top one. Move it up two times and then pass to the suitable to after all have get right of entry to to the Dusk Stone.

If you tousled at the rock pushing puzzles, simply go out of this room the way you came. This will reset the entire rocks back to where they had been, as a way to check out again.

If at any point you were given lost in those steps, you’ll be able to take a look at the next video:

That’s the whole lot you need to know about discovering the Dusk Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! If you want to learn extra concerning the video games, make sure that to take a look at the Pokemon segment of our website.