Who is the most popular 2PM member?

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Who is the most popular 2PM member?

Favorite 2PM Members

  1. 1 Nichkhun Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, known mononymously as Nichkhun, is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor. Cutest laugh!
  2. 2 Wooyoung. He by far the cutest person I have ever seen and he was really good in Dream High.
  3. 3 Taecyeon.
  4. 4 Junho.
  5. 5 Junsu.
  6. 6 Chansung.

Who is the leader of 2PM?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Junho (준호) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2008–present
Chansung (찬성) Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae 2008–present
Jaebeom (재범) Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer 2008–2010

What happened 2PM Nichkhun?

Nichkhun ‘Khun’ Horvejkul. Khun, the only Thai member of the Korean boyband 2PM, was involved in an accident with a motorcycle early on Tuesday morning as he made his way home from a function in Seoul. The young singer hit a motorcycle at an intersection not far from his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 2.30am.

What group was Jyp in?

Park Jin-young

J. Y. Park
Years active 1992–present
Labels JYP
Associated acts Park Jin-young and the New Generation JYP Nation
Korean name

Is JYP rich?

JYP (Jin Young Park) – Richest Kpop Idols (Male) He is the head of JYP Entertainment and is the richest talent agency owner in terms of stock value (17.8% share). His JYP stock alone is worth $169 million!

Is Bae Suzy still in JYP?

Suzy renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment. In early 2018, it was announced that Suzy would make her comeback in late January. On March 31, 2019, Suzy left JYP Entertainment following the expiration of her contract. She then signed a contract with acting agency Management SOOP.

Who’s the owner of JYP?

J. Y. Park