Why did Netflix remove the suicide scene?

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Why did Netflix remove the suicide scene?

Writing on Twitter, producer Brian Yorkey stated the show had at first portrayed the “unsightly, painful fact of suicide in such graphic element [to] be sure that no one would ever wish to emulate it”.

Did they remove a scene from 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix has removed a arguable, specific scene depicting a personality’s suicide in its original collection 13 Reasons Why, two years after the show’s unique debut. The scene in question was about 3 mins in period and in the beginning performed halfway thru the show’s season one finale.

What scene was in 13 Reasons Why?

suicide scene
Following Netflix’s announcement, Lorna Fraser from Samaritans said: “We welcome Netflix’s choice to edit out the suicide scene from the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

What have been the 13 Reasons Why Hannah killed herself?

She comforts Hannah, however after she hits a prevent signal and fails to inform the police, Hannah blames her for inflicting a automobile coincidence that later kills any other classmate. Though he tries to warn Hannah’s folks, she kills herself, leaving Tony to watch over the people who find themselves named as reasons for her loss of life.

Did they edit Hannah’s demise scene?

More than two years later, Netflix has announced that the scene has been altered to exclude the second where Hannah slits her wrists. Christine Moutier at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, and have agreed with Netflix to re-edit it.

Why did Hannah Baker kill herself in a bath?

After failing to extract the boy’s identify and being informed by Hannah that she does now not want her parents or the police notified, Mr. Hannah returns house, fills up her bath, and slits her wrists with a razor blade, death from blood loss. She is found through her parents who referred to as 911 however are too late.

Why was Hannah’s loss of life scene got rid of?

Christine Moutier, Chief Medical Officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we’ve determined with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers of ’13 Reasons Why’ to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her personal lifestyles from Season 1.” Netflix offered no reason why for the length of time it took to reach that call.

Why used to be Hannah’s death scene minimize?

Nic Sheff, one in every of the writers on the display, in the beginning wrote an op-ed for Vanity Fair in 2017 arguing that the graphic element of Hannah’s dying was once important, as a result of the horror of the scene should assist dissuade viewers from copying her.

Does Hannah kill herself in the e-book?

Hannah Baker is one of the major characters in Thirteen Reasons Why, a singular by means of Jay Asher. She is a deceased personality from the starting of the novel. However the first time Jay wrote the novel, she survived her suicide strive.

Who shot themselves in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah Baker
The plot is about in movement when a teenage woman, Hannah Baker, kills herself. Before her suicide, she makes Thirteen cassette recordings detailing the agonies of her lifestyles, each to explain her actions and to accuse those she holds responsible, together with a man who raped her, bullies and fickle friends.

Who know Alex killed Bryce?

Deputy Standall
Going into season 4, Alex’s father, Deputy Standall, is conscious about his son’s role in Bryce’s homicide, in addition to his drug use. Still, Deputy Standall turns out content material to, as Ani put it in her testimony, “let the useless bury the lifeless,” and lay the blame for Bryce’s dying on the already-deceased Monty.

Did Netflix remove Hannahs suicide?

The suicide scene, which happened throughout the first-season finale, has now been reduce completely. Rather than the graphic portrayal of personality Hannah Baker’s loss of life in a bathtub, she’s now simply proven taking a look into the rest room mirror earlier than slicing to a later scene of her parents’ painful discovery.

Who died all the way through 13 Reasons Why?

Season 1:

  • Hannah Baker. Photo credit: Netflix. Hannah took her personal lifestyles at the finish of season one.
  • Jeff Atkins. Photo credit: Netflix.
  • Bryce Walker. Photo credit score: Netflix.
  • Monty de l. a. Cruz. Photo credit: Beth Dubber – Netflix.
  • Justin Foley. Photo credit score: Netflix.