Why does Neji have a mark on his forehead?

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Why does Neji have a mark on his forehead?

The seal on Neji’s forehead is from the Hyuga’s cursemark on the department families. The Hyuga clan *used to* put the curse mark on the individuals of the department families to assert dominance and protect the Byakugan from being taken by way of shinobi of other countries.

What is the article on Neji’s forehead?

When the heiress of the main area, Hinata, grew to become 3 years previous, Neji’s forehead was branded with the normal cursed seal via his uncle, Hiashi.

What did Neji’s curse Mark do?

The curse mark seals the Byakugan at dying; when the department Hyuga member dies, the seal disappears and seals the Byakugan. This is the principle goal of the mark. The secondary purpose is to keep watch over them.

Who would Neji marry?


Does Neji have a overwhelm on Hinata?

Neji has transform almost certainly Hinata’s maximum dedicated person, her protector and the person who constantly sorted her. Neji made his final sacrifice for Hinata and Naruto. This may also be interpreted as Neji having romantic emotions for Hinata, or loving her as circle of relatives.

Is Boruto a woman?

Originally Answered: Boruto is a girl? No! Uzumaki Boruto is the son of Uzumaki Naruto (the 7th Hokage) and Hyuga Hinata (former princess of the Hyuga extended family).

Who is Naruto’s daughter?

Boruto Uzumaki

Are Boruto and Himawari twins?

Himawari together with her circle of relatives. Himawari is the second and youngest kid of Uzumaki Naruto, and Hyuga Hinata. Being born (within the anime) when her older brother, Uzumaki Boruto is at the age of two. In the manga, she is actually in fact 5 years younger than her older brother as she used to be born when Boruto was at the age of 7.

Why did Sasuke marry Sakura?

While it’s stated Sasuke and Sakura married for love, there was once some other large reason why for him to marry: children. If he needs his family to live on, he has to produce kids. Regardless in their marital issues, if this used to be vital to Sasuke, they must have had many kids, however they didn’t.

Is Sasuke a good man or a bad guy?

Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha Sasuke) is the anti-heroic deuteragonist villain and the general antagonist of the Naruto Manga and Anime collection. He is a rival of the titular hero named Naruto Uzumaki. However, the will of revenge and manipulation of Tobi made Sasuke into a major villain.