Why is there no video option on my iPhone?

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Why is there no video option on my iPhone?

Yesterday, I came upon that the video option was once missing from the Camera App on my iPhone 6. I used to be able to solve the issue by going into Settings > Privacy > Camera and disabling the ultimate app that used to be allowed get entry to to the telephone’s Camera. The next time I went again to the digicam, the video option used to be to be had.

Why did my video disappeared from my iPhone?

To to find the lacking videos again, to begin with, you want to check your “ Recently Deleted folder” in Photos app. In common, they’re going to be stored in “ Recently Deleted folder” after you lose or delete them. If they don’t seem to be there, you can attempt to restore your iPhone/iPad from backup to get again your lacking videos.

Where is the video on iPhone?

Tap Camera on the Home Screen or, in case your iPhone is locked, click on the Home button and then drag the Camera button up. Swipe the display screen to the proper to focus on Video. On an iPhone 5S, you can swipe some other notch to the left of Video to Slo-Mo.

Can you decelerate a video on iPhone?

Get this iPhone video editor app from Apple App Store. Simple drag the velocity deal with to the left or proper to decelerate or accelerate the video playback velocity. Then faucet the Play button to preview the exchange and optionally alter video speed again until you might be glad.

What took place to the video app on iPhone?

You can get the Video app again onto your iPhone or iPad if its gone missing. Pull down from the middle of your screen to get admission to Siri Search. Tap the Videos app by means of Apple when it appears within the instructed seek record. Tap the Download button.

Why can’t I take a video on my iPhone 7?

First take a look at to go into the settings and to find “Privacy” and click it to enter it. Once that is done to find “Camera” and go into that. If that does not work then i might take it to apple as a result of there is a possibility that it is a hardware factor and the digital camera might not be properly attached.