Will there be a sequel to Geek Charming?

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Will there be a sequel to Geek Charming?

In the tip, Josh and Dylan, narrating the movie, narrate the general sentence, they usually kiss again with Josh’s jacket masking them. As they walk away, it’s published there will be a sequel around the long term. Throughout the film, Dylan and Josh narrate from asides.

How old is Dylan Schoenfield?


Dylan Schoenfield
Age: 16
Family: Alan Schoenfield (father) Unnamed mother (deceased)
Friends: Amy Loubalu (adolescence absolute best friend; pals as of the tip of the movie) Josh Rosen The volley crew
Relationships: Josh Rosen (boyfriend) Asher Dumetz (ex-boyfriend)

Who wins Blossom Queen in Geek Charming?

After the film, Dylan invitations Josh to her space, where they make an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sundae”. While Dylan leaves in short to cross get one thing, Josh notices a wall of images. One of which has Dylan’s mom in it, crowned Blossom Queen. When Dylan comes back he asks her about it.

Who does Josh finally end up with in Geek Charming?

Josh Rosen
Family: Sandy Rosen (mom)
Friends: Amy Loubalu Ari (formerly) Steven (formerly) Caitlin Raven
Relationships: Dylan (female friend) Amy (former crush) Caitlin (weigh down; on her facet)
Role: Main Character

Is Geek Charming on Disney?

The movie stars Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop….

Geek Charming
Distributor Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original community Disney Channel
Original release November 11, 2011

When did Sarah Hyland Geek Charming?

Geek Charming is a 2011 Disney Channel Original Movie in accordance with the novel via Robin Palmer. The movie used to be directed via Jeffrey Hornaday and used to be written by means of Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy. It stars Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop….

Geek Charming
Release date(s) November 11, 2011
Country United States
Language English

Did the fellow from Geek Charming abuse Sarah Hyland?

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has issued a transient restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop, alleging that he bodily and verbally abused her right through their just about five-year dating and threatened her after she ended it.

Who performs Dylan’s dad in Geek Charming?

Andrew Airlie
Lilli Birdsell as Sandy Rosen: Josh’s mother. Andrew Airlie as Alan Schoenfield: Dylan’s father.

Is Geek Charming on Netflix?

Is Geek Charming (2011) on Netflix USA? Sorry, Geek Charming is not to be had on American Netflix.

What happened with Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop?

Sarah filed a permanent restraining order towards Matt in September 2014 after a 5-year courting. According to courtroom paperwork acquired via TMZ, he choked her whilst calling her a c*nt. She instructed the court docket, “His grip was so tight that I may now not breathe or speak.

Who is Sarah Rose Hyland married to?

Sarah Hyland
Born Sarah Jane Hyland November 24, 1990 New York City, U.S.
Occupation Actress singer
Years energetic 1997–present
Partner(s) Wells Adams (2017–provide; engaged)

Who is Dylan Shoenfield in Geek Charming by Robin Palmer?

Dylan Shoenfield is the princess of L.A.’s posh Castle Heights High. She has the best boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new ‘it’ bag that everybody covets. But when she unintentionally tosses her bag into a fountain, this princess comes face-to-face with her personal personal frog: self professed film geek Josh Rosen.

Who are the actors in the movie Geek Charming?

Geek Charming is a 2011 Disney Channel Original Film directed by way of Jeffrey Hornaday from a screenplay by way of Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy, in line with the unconventional of the same identify via Robin Palmer. The film stars Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop.

Who is the creator of the guide Geek Charming?

Geek Charming. Jump to navigation Jump to seek. Geek Charming is a 2011 Disney Channel original film in accordance with the radical via Robin Palmer. The film was once directed by way of Jeffrey Hornaday and was written by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy.

How many of us watched the premiere of Geek Charming?

The premiere was watched via 4.9 million viewers, the fifth biggest number for a cable show of that week.